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Facial Treatments in Bangkok — Prices

Facial treatments are increasingly popular in Bangkok, catering to a variety of skin types and concerns. However, the prices of these treatments can vary significantly depending on the spa or wellness center you choose. Below is a table summarizing our research on the prices of facial treatments in some establishments in Bangkok.

Facial Treatment Prices Table

Spa/Wellness CenterTreatment TypePrice (Baht)
Spa BotanicaUltimate Aromatherapy Facial5,000
Lotus Facial3,500
B’Blossom SpaMini FacialNot specified
Brightening FacialNot specified
Hydrating FacialNot specified
UnspecifiedGeneral Facial TreatmentFrom 983
Biologique RechercheCustomized FacialsNot specified

Puttharaksa Aesthetic is a prominent destination in Bangkok for those seeking comprehensive and tailored facial treatments. With over 18 years of experience and 40,000 cases, the establishment offers a wide array of specialized treatments designed to meet unique skin needs.

Price Table for Puttharaksa Aesthetic

Treatment TypePrice (Baht)
Acne Clear Plus899
Acne Scar Clear2,390
Acne Care499
Absolute Brightening499

Acne Clear Plus

This is an acne improvement program that helps solve various acne problems. It consists of Acne Care Treatment, Acne Extraction, and three creams to be used at home. The treatment aims to improve the skin structure and enhance its ability to protect itself.

Price: 899 THB/session


This treatment is an advanced exfoliation process that removes the superficial layer of dry, dead skin cells. It stimulates collagen, making the skin smoother and minimizing pores.

Price: 499 THB/session

Acne Scar Clear

This treatment focuses on reducing red and black acne scars. It uses Intense Pulse Light and Radiofrequency to stimulate collagen and lighten scars.

Price: 2,390 THB/session

Acne Care

This treatment aims to reduce comedones, inflamed acne, and other skin irritations. It uses a wave generation machine (Phonophoresis), vitamins, and nourishment gels.

Price: 499 THB/session

Absolute Brightening

This treatment aims to reduce acne scars, pigmentations, freckles, and melasma. It lightens dark spots and discoloration, making the skin brighter.

Price: 499 THB/session


This treatment aims to restore youthful facial appearance. It uses a Face Lift machine, vitamins, and nourishment gels to tighten the skin.

Price: 799 THB/session

Affordable Facial Treatments in Bangkok

Bangkok offers a variety of facial treatments that are not only effective but also affordable. For individuals seeking quality skincare without a hefty price tag, these treatments provide an excellent option. The affordability of these treatments allows for regular maintenance of skin health and addressing specific skin concerns.

Budget-Friendly Options

  • General Facial Treatments: Starting from as low as 983 Baht, these treatments are available in numerous spas and wellness centers across Bangkok. They are suitable for those who want basic skincare without specific customization.
  • Mini Facial at B’Blossom Spa: Although the exact price is not specified, mini facials typically offer a budget-friendly option for quick and effective skin rejuvenation.
  • Acne Care at Puttharaksa Aesthetic (499 THB/session): This treatment is particularly cost-effective for those dealing with acne. It combines advanced technology with nourishing ingredients to combat acne and improve skin health​​​​.
  • Microdermabrasion at Puttharaksa Aesthetic (499 THB/session): An affordable choice for advanced exfoliation, helping to improve skin texture and reduce pore size​​.
  • Absolute Brightening at Puttharaksa Aesthetic (499 THB/session): This treatment offers an economical solution for lightening dark spots and achieving a brighter complexion​​.

Benefits of Affordable Treatments

These affordable facial treatments in Bangkok allow for consistent skincare without straining finances. Regular treatments can lead to significant improvements in skin texture and appearance over time. Additionally, the availability of budget-friendly options encourages more individuals to prioritize skin health as part of their overall wellness routine.

Additional Information

The treatments are meticulously designed to meet the unique skin needs of each client. The combination of expertise, quality products, and affordable pricing ensures that achieving healthy and beautiful skin is within reach for all.